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From: Linda (
Date: Sun Jun 02 2002 - 00:38:50 EDT

Hi List Mates,
I just joined this list.  I have decided to work at seeing satellites
and work toward the EOSOC award.  I have always been interested in
space.  In fact, I teach science to middle school students in Kentucky,
USA (latitude 37.2010, longitude 87.1790W).  Our school purchased a 10"
Dobsonion (sp) telescope from Meade several years ago.  Each year I have
a 'star party' and we view the planets, stars, constellations, etc.  My
goal is to also get them interested in viewing satellites.  That is why
I am interested in learning lots about how to view and distinguish
different satellites.

Tonight was the first clear night that I have had lately -- rain and
clouds have been present.  Tonight I saw my first Iridium -- around
21:32:35 CDT (GMT-5:00).  I believe that its official title was Iridium
25.  It was at an altitude of 47 degrees, and 79 degrees azimuth.  It
was really neat.

Please write to me privately with any suggestions, helpful ideas,
corrections, etc.  I would appreciate input from this list.

One question -- Is the way I sated my latitude and longitude considered
in decimal form?  If it is not correctly written please tell me what I
need to do.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of this list.
Linda (KY, USA)

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