1st Call for Observations - It’s Time for Testing Orbit Determination with visual Observation

From: Jorge Pérez via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 23:36:57 -0500
Dear SatObs community,

Hi everyone! As we shared with you last April [0], we would like to ask for
your help for some observations of some satellites, so that we may be able
to compute an orbit from optical observations for our OrbitDeterminator
tool [1].

We would like to ask you for a collective satellite observation of some
specific objects, in the next few days. The objects we would like to
evaluate are the following:


25544 ISS

25338 NOAA-15

28654 NOAA-18

33591 NOAA-19

Wishes for Observations:

Minimum of 6 observations at each location for a given object

It would be nice to have observations of each satellite at different
locations on the same observation night, preferably within one hour.

as an optional bonus, please tell us your observation equipment setting :)

if possible, within the next 1-2 weeks

We appreciate and welcome all your comments and your suggestions. Many
thanks in advance for all your help!

This is part of the wrap-up of my Google Summer of Code 2018 and I would
like to give credits to all the helpers and this fine community in the
wrap-up documentation (final internet blog post [2], etc…). We will provide
our results back to the community.

If all works fine, we would like to take this as a preparation for the
intended hybrid observation campaign with your visual ones and our
Radio-Frequency ones.

So, how shall we start? How can we help with coordinating?

Best regards,

Jorge Pérez

Andreas Hornig

[0] http://www.satobs.org/seesat/Apr-2018/0196.html

[1] https://github.com/aerospaceresearch/orbitdeterminator/tree/Jorge_dev

[2] https://aerospaceresearch.net/?p=890
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