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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 12:15:29 UTC

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    Marilyn Harris wrote:
    > We were heading back to Ottawa on this road:
    > I am looking at the google satellite image and I think we 
    > (the car) were facing south at that point (we were stopped at 
    > the side of the road when we first noticed the object) and so 
    > the obect was basically going from west to east (this is only 
    > approximate). The date was July 19th and the time, maybe around 10 pm.
    > I did not see anything but a blob of light traversing the 
    > night sky - larger than the background stars and big enough 
    > that a wobble was noticeable. I did not see any shape really 
    > other than basically round. The light was whitish and unblinking.
    You may have observed the International Space Station (aka ISS). Its
    international designation is 1998-067A, and its US Strategic Command catalogue
    number is 25544. It is Earth's largest and brightest artificial satellite.
    At about 10:14 PM EDT, it was 20 degrees above your south-western horizon. About
    90 seconds later, it was 57 degrees above the southern horizon, and still
    rising. Just before 10:16 PM EDT, it culminated about 62 deg above the
    south-eastern horizon. It passed below 10 deg elevation in the east north-east,
    shortly after 10:18 PM EDT.
    Ted Molczan
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