"Satellite Shootdown" US military documentary about USA 193

From: John Locker (john@satcom.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Sat Jul 19 2008 - 06:36:15 UTC

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    Anyone know how we get hold of a copy of this ??
    "  The show includes interviews in which top commanders reiterate the 
    official U.S. rationale that the satellite had to be destroyed. If the 
    spacecraft's toxic fuel had survived reentry and hit a populated area, it 
    could've sickened people, said Air Force Lt. Gen. Henry "Trey" Obering, head 
    of the Missile Defense Agency.
    At the time of the operation, skeptics in the U.S. and abroad said they 
    thought the shoot-down was more an excuse to respond to an earlier Chinese 
    anti-satellite test."
    The timeline should prove rather interesting  :O)
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