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From: George Roberts (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2008 - 16:39:52 UTC

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    I got my answer, thanks Mike McCants and Eddie Bellhouse - what a great resource 
    is seesat-l.
    It was Milstar 3.  The speed and time was accurate but the location wasn't 
    reported to me well.  It was in a region of stars that the observer knew was 
    also a common geosynch region and also near where she watched Pluto years ago 
    but she didn't tell me that.  So it was actually 19 degrees further south than 
    she told me and after seeing the plot of the satellite she confirmed the 
    background stars.
    - George Roberts
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    > An experienced astronomer was hoping someone could identify a very slow moving 
    > satellite.
    > Upper ophiuchus/lower hercules.
    > It took about 70 seconds to cross the 7 degree FOV in her binoculars so this 
    > would have a very high apogee.
    > 71 28 56 W and 42 43 36N.
    > UTC: July 12 01:40 (plus or minus 2 minutes)
    > Location RA 17h 45 min  DEC +16 0 min probably within 15 degrees
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