Re: Brazilsat B3 and the unid next to it

From: Brad Young (
Date: Sun Jul 06 2008 - 21:47:01 UTC

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    Paraphrasing Mike McCants post to match what I saw last night:
    The unid geo sat parked near Brazilsat B3 ( 25152 ) has gotten brighter. These objects were first seen through my 12 inch telescope about 05:40 UT July 6 from Tulsa2.  I estimated magnitude 10 (leader) and 11 (trailer).  I estimated that they were about 0.04 degrees apart.  I saw the "leader" as about 0.03 degrees east and about 0.02 degrees north of the "trailer" (opposite of Mike). I agree that the "leader" increased in brightness fairly rapidly and about 05:45 UT,
     I estimated it was magnitude 8.  The "trailer" increased to about
     magnitude 10.  By 05:55 UT, the "leader" had faded to magnitude 11 but
    also think the trailer had faded a bit to about magnitude 11.5
    Positional report later...does this object have a designation yet?
    COSPAR 8335 +35.831, -96.147 1100 ft
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