Re: Not Flashing vs Flashing

From: Gordon Prichard (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 14:20:57 UTC

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    Hello Bram,
        I should add that the rocket's elevation was similar on both
    occasions and both nights were slightly hazy with the first observation
    being on the hazier night. The flashing should have still been obvious
    on the first observation.
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    > Gordon Richard wrote:
    > >     On 29th June at 0849 UT I observed 2008-007B (H2A rocket for
    > > Japanese Kizuna satellite) from Newcastle, Australia 32.87S 151.7E.
    > > that time there was no obvious indication of flashing. On 2nd July
    > > 0806 UT I observed the same object from the same location flashing
    > > strongly. I was unable to time the flashes but they seemed to be
    > > than one second and without an obvious period. I hope this is of
    > > interest to other group members.
    > >    Gordon
    > Thanks for these data.
    >  You probably observed once this rocket looking at or near the
    rotation axis.
    > The other time you saw a varying surface causing the variablity.
    > Looking at your latitude I see you are not far from the southern apex
    > of this rocket's orbit
    > And its perigee is not far from this apex.
    > We in the moderately "far north" can only see it when in its hiher
    > part of its orbit,
    > causing it to be fainter. Anyway it is worth a try.
    > Bram Dorreman from 51 degrees north
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