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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 12:14:12 UTC

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    I need to correct my PPAS report of 99028C. I reported the start time, instead
    of the end time, as required. Here is the correction:
    99- 28 C 08-07-04 03:56:01.9 TJM1185.6 5.0  17 69.7   +7.5->inv
    My observation shows that the object's period of variation continues to decrease
    at the rate of about 0.023 s/d - about 8 s annually. Here is the latest plot of
    the evolution of its period:
    As its period of variation decreases, it becomes easier to time it accurately.
    Early in my observations of 99028C last night, I noticed what appeared to be
    very brief, low amplitude flashes, somewhat like a scintillation. I recall this
    being reported in the past. It might be interesting to see some photometric
    plots of this object.
    I also need to revise my comment on the size of 91017A's manoeuvre. Since it
    makes nearly 15 rev/d, and had manoeuvred sometime during the preceding 24 h,
    and was about 18 s early, its orbital period must have contracted by more than 1
    s. My estimate of 0.3 s is the difference between the earliness of its arrival
    on the first pass I observed, and the next one. 
    I cannot account for the disparity, however, on the first pass I was somewhat
    startled to see the object quite a bit off the predicted track, and so may have
    hesitated slightly making my timing. The positional residual also seems off,
    perhaps for the same reason.
    Ted Molczan
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