Re: Can someone help this person, who speak french

From: Thierry Legault (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2011 - 16:04:07 UTC

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    hi Kevin, this person would like to know how to observe
    geostats and how to find their "passage forecast" (not sure
    that "passage" mean something for geostats...). I know
    different sources (Calsky etc.), but all of them are
    in English, so it may not be very helpful for him: he doesn't
    speak English!
    Anyway, I can discuss with him in French, you can give
    him my e-mail.
    At 15:55 29/01/2011, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    >I received this today, and wonder if someome can help him.
    >bonjour,j'ai eu votre mail par mon ami pierre neirinck .désoler je ne
    >parle pas l'anglais. je voudrai savoir comment 
    >observer les géostationnaires et ou trouver les prévisions de passages.merci
    >cdt david grisolet président de l'étoile de Mer.
    >If you can, send me a message, and I send you his email address.
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    Thierry Legault
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