Putting Challenger Back in Orbit using Starry Night

From: CmdrJaycee@aol.com
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 19:05:40 UTC

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    About 10-12 years ago, with the help of a few people whose names I can't 
    remember (some of whom may still be on SeeSat, so I appoligize to them), we 
    (they) came up with a TLE giving a pretty good approximation of the first 
    orbit of Challenger 51.   I needed it to put Challenger back in orbit with the 
    desktop planetarium program I was using, Starry Night.   (I now use the Pro 
    version.)   I'm pretty sure I shared that here, at the time, but with the 
    25th anniversary of the Challenger accident tomorrow, I thought I would share 
    it again, for any others who might like to remember Challenger and her crew 
    by putting Challenger in a planetarium program they may have.
    Jim Cook
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