RE: Great news = NanoSail-D nanosatellite ejected

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2011 - 02:25:03 UTC

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    Derek wrote
    > I have a FASTSAT pass in 40 minutes.. Wonder if NS-D is viewable??
    That article
    The ejection of NanoSail-D also has been confirmed by ground-based satellite tracking assets. 
    But a important point is where it says
    After ejection, a timer within NanoSail-D begins a three-day countdown as the satellite orbits the Earth.
    Once the timer reaches zero, four booms will quickly deploy and the NanoSail-D sail will start to unfold to a 100-square-foot polymer sail. Within five seconds the sail fully unfurls.
    Then it will be nice to observe, ie much brighter.
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