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From: ralf vandebergh (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2011 - 20:57:16 UTC

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    Hi all,
    Apologies for my temporate dissapearance from this list over the last months, busy job related causes mainly,
    but I also was suffered from a hardware crash, but recovery work of files is almost finished.
    Many interesting results to come, from the months june until October, including low passes of a Keyhole satellite
    (close to 300km distance), old Russian weather satellites (Meteor-1-1), a Russian experimental Rocket stage
    with wings, an Agena rocket stage from the 1960's and more and of course some new ISS images.
    Here are already some newly processed older images, which failed to look well-processed due to processing
    on a too-low contrast monitor (which makes them look heavier processed). (Progress M-04M on top aft end Zvezda)  (soft image but one of my nicest color images)
    Best wishes,
    Ralf Vandebergh
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