Re: Telescopic Satellite Tracking software

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2011 - 21:58:41 UTC

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    Hi Robin
    Thanks for your input - this is what we need...
    > Just a lurking hobbyist here with no technical knowledge, but I think ST 
    > is somewhat telescope dependent, and very user competence dependent. I 
    > have used ST for over 10 years with my '98 8" LX200.
    this is the impression I got from reading the newsgroups that use SATELLITE
    TRACKER. Until recently I did not have a suitable GOTO telescope and could
    only "examine" the program on my PC and found things a little confusing so 
    never really considered it seriously.
    I do know that it has problems with some geostationary satellites as Scott 
    pointed out so another reason why I havent bothered with it (yet). Ive got 
    many things I want to do but when I have the time I just havent got the 
    to get off my butt and try it - I get frustrated pretty easy !
    So far SATELLITE TRACKER only seems to have been used by people
    trying to image ISS. As far as I know no one has done ANY positional
    work with it apart from Scott and Tim  ?
    Usuing a commercial GOTO telescope for serious satellite tracking is a
    relatively new field so there is much to learn
    Best wishes
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