Re: Software for satellite tracking with scopes

From: Scott Campbell (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2011 - 15:29:25 UTC

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    Hi Giuseppe,
    I purchased Satellite Tracker (ST) some years ago and used it for a year to
    track satellites with a Celestron telescope.  Unfortunately, ST fails to
    point to some geostationary and high altitude satellites.  Since I was
    unable to discover a pattern in the failures the tracking of geostationary
    satellites is unreliable with ST.  The program is now free and not being
    maintained so this problem is not likely to be fixed.
    Scott Campbell
    Beeville, Texas
    Cospar 6226 28.4861N 97.8194W 107m
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    From: Giuseppe N. Gerbore
    Sent: Monday, January 03, 2011 8:47 AM
    Subject: Software for satellite tracking with scopes
    Hi all
    Did you try satellite Tracker?\LESCOPE
    Unfortunately my scope is able to leep-frog only, not continuous goto.
    Meade ETX series mountings are said to be able to track sats, too. Not
    verified by me.
    I asked Alexander Lapshin (Heavensat's program creator) about telescope
    driving function; not yet developed.
    Modena, Italy, 44.64N, 10.90E, 57 m asl.
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