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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2011 - 11:51:28 UTC

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    Hi Kevin
    Re RTGUI.
    I spent a fair bit of time on this and got it to work for geostationary 
    satellites but eventually decided not to pursue its use because of several 
    RTGUI uses so called "Transient files" to track on objects such as comets 
    /asteroids and NEO's  and this works fine. I decided that I would write a 
    small program to convert a satellite prediction into the Transient files 
    format which basically is just a listing of time and corresponding RA/Dec's.
    This did work but the problem is that RTGUI continuously maintains the 
    RA/Dec as time progresses and consequently the az/el changes- as a program 
    intended for astronomical use should. BUT we want the scope to stay fixed at 
    the az/el defined by the RA/Dec at the predicted time and not change. If 
    RTGUI instead worked in az/el then we would have no problem but 
    unfortunately it doesnt so I abandoned further efforts with this program.
    Then I had problems interfacing other programs with RTGUI which we need not 
    go into.
    So for normal astronomical use RTGUI is an excellant piece of freeware 
    software but for satellites not really that great.
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