Close approach of manned spacecraft expected

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Tue Dec 22 2009 - 07:53:47 UTC

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    According to reliable sources a manned craft that is only visible once a 
    year just after the solstice is again heading toward earth reaching perigee 
    of its polar orbit on December 25th and is likely to enter the earth's 
    atmosphere.   It seems to be known as either Santasat (after its captain) or 
    It will initially pass close to my longitude some time early morning (as we 
    are some of the first in the world to begin December 25th)  and then pass 
    over the rest of the world during local darkness.    This is not a visible 
    object, and in fact there are believed to be severe penalties for 
    successful observation such as loss of observation of any gifts later in the 
    morning.  However it has been rumored that the propulsion module designated 
    "Rudolph" reflects light at the red end of the spectrum and may emit flares.
    There have been a number of unsuccessful attempts to reconcile the orbit 
    using conventional orbital mechanics but it seems none have come up with a 
    satisfactory explanation for the orbit and  for its capacity to land at many 
    selected locations then relaunch.  Although the eccentricity of the orbit 
    may be in question that of the pilot appears to be reasonably well 
    Further reading on this subject can be found in the following Seesat posts:
    The thread commencing at
    I hope that some of the payload is jettisoned at your location, and that you 
    are given clear skies. .  Most of all I wish you a happy and prosperous 
    (As the latest Soyuz R/B is due to decay close to the same time I wonder 
    whether there will be any cases of mistaken identity ;-)
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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