WGS-3 On it's way - some pondering, I wonder?

From: Tim Luton (timothy_luton@verizon.net)
Date: Sun Dec 06 2009 - 20:26:49 UTC

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    Back after an extended absence and an email address change. Reading through 
    the WGS-3 MOB courtesy of ULA last night and the great Boeing commercial 
    that aired during the launch last night. I noted that plans are for 5 birds 
    for the USA and Australia getting the 6th bird. We don't know where WGS 1 
    finally ended up but WGS 2 is at 60E and WGS 3 is slotted for 12W, that 
    gives a 72 degree separation for the 5 US birds (360/5=72) and my guess is 
    that WGS 6 also winds up somewhere between 120E and 150E to give coverage 
    for their fleet ops. So I'm thinking the following: WGS 1 is located at 
    132E, WGS 2-60E, WGS 3-12W, WGS 4-84W and WGS 5 at 156W.
    Have I over simplified this or just over tired?
    Tim Luton
    8536 Suffolk, VA 
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