Thank you - and link for ISS-Atlantis movie

From: Thomas Ashcraft (
Date: Thu Dec 03 2009 - 21:15:02 UTC

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    (First of all, thank you to all for information on the Moon and 
    satellite flaring. )
    Also, here are links for a short movie taken with my all-sky 
    meteor/fireball camera of the ISS and Atlantis taken last week over New 
    Mexico. I extracted a portion of the pass that shows Atlantis flaring 
    which occurs about ten seconds into the movie.  The soundtrack is WWV 
    radio time signals.
    This movie is about 1.5 MB and is in two different formats:
    Mac  .mp4  :  
    Windows  .wmv  :
    Clear skies,
    Thomas Ashcraft
    New Mexico
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