STS-103/HST Obs

Jeff (
Sat, 25 Dec 1999 20:37:39 -0500


Low SW pass on orbit #91 for me, but well worth it!  Discovery led HST by
~.75 degree.  Just as the shuttle was coming up on Baja California, the
crew began a water dump.  I picked up the pair in 10x50 binocs about 2 deg
above the horizon.  At first the image was a bit blurry.  I thought of
fogged optics and horizon haze, but it was soon apparent the haze was
coming from the water dump!  

As the pair passed Mars, the "coma" of Discovery began to glow.  The "tail"
of Discovery curved back toward HST and then down toward the horizon.
Shuttle was a steady 2-2.5 mag - HST about 4.0 - and the tail reached about
halfway to HST before curving down (like a "9") almost 1.5 degrees.  This
beautiful sight lasted just a few seconds more before shadow entry at
00:16:15 UT.

A great pass!

Jeff Poplin
36.29N -80.32W
King, NC USA

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