Re: Starshine 3 Flashes

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 23:47:25 EDT

At 12:42 1/10/01 , Jeffrey Simpson wrote:
>Question about the flashes:
>Are they like the Iridium flares, which you can see coming (they brighten up 
>to the brightest point and then fade) or are they isolated flashes the come 
>out of nowhere?
strobe flashes, Jeffrey, at the planned roattion rate of 5 degrees/second
(= 10 degrees /second for reflection), the half degree image of the sun
would take 1/20 second to pass your eye. More like the strobe like flashes
one sees occasionally from the tumbling iridiums.

>PS I'm going to try and see the three other satellites of the Kodiak Star 
>launch if the weather is fine. 
You will need 20x 80 binoculars or better I think.
Tony Beresford

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