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    A comprehensive article about Midas Project with description of
    satellites can be found here:
    Missile Defense Alarm : The Genesis of Space-based Infrared Early
    Warning / C. Hall. - Quest 7 [1] 5-17 (1999).
    Those satellites remained connected with the last stage of launcher
    (Agena stage). Length of cylindrical satellite cca. 9 meters, dia cca.
    1.5 meter. Equipped with infrared telescope with PbS detector array of
    different sizes (eg. first successful Midas 2 = 1960-006A = SSC 43 had
    array of 27 detectors only (Midas 1 was lost during launch), Midas 3
    thru Midas 5 array of 175 detectors, next Midas 6 was lost during
    launch, Midas 7 thru 8 had array of 184 detectors), senzible in far
    infrared region (cca. 2.7 micrometers wavelength). The satellites were
    equipped with pair of solar panels connected to the engine compartment
    of the Agena. The gas nozzles of the Agena stage were used for
    stabilization and orientation of the entire object. Useful lifetime
    varied between few hours to few days (maximum for M.8 was 2 weeks only)
    mainly due to the problems with power supply systems (Midas 2 was lost
    on orbit due to stabilization system malfunction).
    The program continued further as Midas RTS-1 Series (first one was
    1966-051A = SSC 2200 = Ops 1960) with three launches (only the last two
    launches were completely successful).
     1960-006A          Midas 2 (decayed 1974-02-07)
     1961-018A          Midas 3
     1961-028A          Midas 4
     1962-010A          Midas 5
     1963-014A          Midas 7
     1963-030A          Midas 9
     1966-051A          Midas RTS-1 F-1 (incorrect orbit, decayed
     1966-077A          Midas RTS-1 F-2
     1966-089A          Midas RTS-1 F-3
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