Irid 25 head-on with another sat

From: Denis V. Denissenko (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 14:38:54 EDT

Hello list,

Was waiting for -8 mag flare from Iridium 25 when another satellite of
about 3rd magnitude appeared which was moving in opposite direction.
There was almost head-on encounter shortly before the peak of flare,
that is aroung 22:00:00 MSK (UT+0400).  The flare itself occured as
predicted by Iridflar and H-A at 22:00:40.  After checking out
heavens-above predictions for all satellites brighter than 4.5 the only
similar match to the other object was Cosmos 2219 Rocket (3.4 mag), but
it should have passed between Anromeda and Perseus at 22:03-22:04, i.e.
4 minutes later.  Could it be possible that H-A elements for this rocket
(ID 22220) are off, or was it another object?  If yes, can somebody
identify it?

By the way, the encounter was accompanied by some plane which crossed
the track of the first satellite.  Unfortunately I didn't set up my
camera and missed a great photo opportunity...


55o45'N 37o37'E

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