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Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 01:16:03 EDT

Bjoern Gimle wrote:
> > My criteria for including sats in VISUAL is that it usually reaches
> > mag 4 or brighter.  Other sites can have other reasons for including
> > something.  That's why we may not have the same objects.
> There are also many objects that do not 'usually reach mag 4', but do it for
> short periods while the perigee is near your latitude.

Yes, there are many that very occasionally reach mag 4.  I've seen a 
Midas brighter than mag 0!  That's why I said I choose sats that 
"usually" reach mag 4, rather than sats that "ever" get that bright.

> Hubble (HST) is easy at low latitudes, but NEVER at mine.

HST is a special case.  I've seen it with binoculars here, but
it' naked eye only at lower latitudes.

> But there are many good predictions programs that (attempt to) predict
> magnitudes, and allow you to set a limit for what is displayed. Rob's
> SkyMap, and Mike's QuickSat are the two I use.

The best 2 programs. They are the programs that I use also.
Jay Respler
   Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
           Freehold, New Jersey

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