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From: Michael McCants (
Date: Sun Sep 02 2001 - 16:56:08 EDT

Chris Olsson spouts yet another off-topic message:

>There is an excellent web-page which describes and quantifies the effect of

This list is for discussion of visual satellite observations.

Discussion of GPS coordinates is off-topic.

>Whatever precision is obtained, I would urge anyone who lists their terrestrial
>co-ordinates to also mention the geodetic basis of those co-ords.

And, of course, I urge you to ignore the urging of Chris Olsson because
such specification is quite irrelevant to visual satellite observing.

>For celestial co-ordinates, there is only one reference point.  It is
>sufficient to list an RA/Dec without declaring any reference.

This, of course, is false.  It gives you a good idea of the ignorance
of the one who states it.

>Not so for terrestrial co-ordinates.   Blah, blah, blah.

Irrevelvant to visual satellite observing.  Specification of such
accuracy in coordinates is "pretentious" in my opinion and shows
a lack of understanding of the inaccuracies inherent in visual
satellite observing.

>57 02' 30.9"N   3 10' 25.9"W  314m (WGS84)

Pretentious coordinates from someone who has never claimed that
he has ever visually observed a satellite from these coordinates.

And if he observed ISS "high in the east" from somewhere in Scotland,
we hardly need to know his location that accurately.

And if he does not know about the two commonly used astronomical epochs,
it is very unlikely that he is going to make a useful positional

So Lat 57N, Long 3W would be quite accurate enough for his posts if and
when he ever actually makes and reports on a visual satellite observation.

I have to wonder if he is deliberately trying to stir up trouble.

       One is who is very tired of his off-topic posts.

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