Floating Potential Probe

From: Edward S Light (edlight@juno.com)
Date: Sat Dec 31 2005 - 07:01:22 EST

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    Last evening, using 10x50 binoculars, I finally glimpsed the
    "Floating Potential Probe" (28896/00-078B) that was released
    by the ISS earlier. It made a very rapid pass near Mars and
    was varying irregularly with a maximum brightness approximately
    6.7 mag (i.e. brighter than HD015227 7.24 mag and fainter than
    27 Ari's 6.21). At that point, 2005 12 30/22:46:59 UTC +/- 2 secs,
    it was at a range of some 381 km with an astronomical phase
    angle of 59degs, corresponding to a "quicksat" intrinsic magnitude
    of about +8.3 (and a [Matson's] Skymap standard magnitude of +9.3.
    In IOD format, the observation was:
    28896 00 078B   8840 G 20051230224659000 58                      M+067 05
    At this time, I want to wish all SeeSat-ers a very happy 2006 filled
    with clear and dark skies!
       Ed Light
    Lakewood, NJ, USA
    Site 8840, N 40.1075, W 074.2312, +24 m (80 ft)
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