Delta 1 R/B #04903 or 71-009B ?

Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 00:56:04 EST

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    Hi folks:
      I have never noticed any satellites  late into the night. Last nite Dec
    15/16 past 11:00pm local time.. i noticed there is a list of 'detection's (
    video triggered recording)  by UFOCapture software. 
      At first i thought it must be some cosmic ray but the list cant be that
    regular and that long so I  grew suspicious and browsed through the static
    bitmap.. then I viewed the live video and watch the square detection boxes
    and placed my mouse there - then shortly a hardly moving blinking object! (
    period ~ 9.0 sec+(rough)) [ the motion only revealed itself over some
    times... ]
      I was thinking of  USA series but classfd.tle revealed nothing in the
    vicinity. Then I tried cat files from Sky-track - still nothing... then may
    be the *Range is big... stick in range of x10 forth the default - 30,000Km
    -  I found Delta 1 R/B- 71-009B be a candidate.  Checked Mike's ppas series
    for historical obs record but no entries of 71009B..
      So what object is that ? Anyone have similar report on this 71-009B? 
    Strange - HA have #04903 but no prediction around the time I have 11:15pm
    .. and why they labelled this object as Star 370 S/N 022 is beyond me.. of
    adjacent dates prediction - i ended up with error..
      Will post the star-drifts with 71-009B remain relatively static image
    tonite when i get home..
    Singapore [+8 UT]
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