Re: Bright UNID - no more

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Mon Dec 12 2005 - 13:47:00 EST

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    False alarm - I noticed I had the date set at Dec.11
    Correcting it, I find Ir43 was predicted at +0.2 at
    our home (slightly brighter where I was), about 16 s
    before my obs.
    ----- Original Message ----- > to see if I could see anything not in a
    familiar place.
    > At 16.02.50 UTC I saw a +2m object fading midway between
    > alpha Aur and Alp UMI, while moving DIR=250 (left, down).
    > It looked like an Iridium, but the only matching object
    > I find is 28065  SARA DEB  1991-050H  ,
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