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Date: Fri Dec 02 2005 - 15:22:10 EST

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    Dear All, 
    Some of you may be interested in this story from Space News about a new
    space surveillance (ostensibly) program, called Autonomous Nanosatellite
    Guardian for Evaluating Local Space (Angels). Of concern to some of us
    watching the U.S. military space program is that these Angels may well
    end up morphing into Demons, i.e. ASATs.
    I can pass on the full story to interested parties off-list; and would
    also welcome any comments.
    Date: 11/28/2005
     Air Force To Experiment With 
     Geostationary-Orbit Sentinel
     The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory is planning a small 
     experimental satellite that would orbit in close proximity to a host 
     spacecraft and keep tabs on their surrounding space environment. ...
     The Angels satellite will be launched into a geostationary orbit...
    The Angels spacecraft would launch along with a yet-to-be-determined
    host satellite that it would shadow in orbit.
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