Re: Fleetsatcom 1 Rk (78-16C, 12908) nearing the end

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Dec 01 2005 - 21:10:24 EST

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    Tonight's pass of this venerable Centaur was significantly 
    lower in the sky, just above tops of buildings, and 
    tomorrow night's even moreso, so it is about to go out of 
    range from here, just as it's getting really near to decay.  
    Aerospace Corp. now has a page for it, with it predicted 
    to decay ascending off the coast of west Africa on Dec. 5.
    What thoughts does anyone have on the imminent decay of 
    Koronas F (26873 01-032A), which the first site below says 
    weighs about two tons?
    (Sorry about that second link, almost certainly broken.)
    The first Telstar 401 (93-077A, 22927) flash was at about 
    0:59 UTC (6:59 PM local time), and this time I somehow 
    managed to see eight of them, from the UT Austin campus.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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