RE: Fleetsatcom 1 Rk (78-16C, 12908) nearing the end

From: Brad Young (
Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 15:18:36 EST

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    Dan Deak wrote:
    > #12908 was predicted to decay around November 30, but
    I will try for this one tonite although our pass is in very deep twilite. I
    suppose I might see it decay but not otherwise.
    Ed Cannon wrote:
    > Below are the last two evenings' clicks on Telstar 401 
    > (93-077A, 22927).  I didn't have binoculars and saw only
    > the flashes listed.  Both evenings the first one seemed
    > to be the brightest, and the last two were considerably
    > fainter than the other four.
    I certainly agree. Here are my sightings from last night (no positions):
    2005 November 30 UTC; Home (Tulsa, +36.1, -95.9)
    1:13:46 1X +2.5m
    1:15:20 1x +3m
    Then I switched to 10x50s and did not see any more flashes. This may be
    explained by the fact that you saw your last one at
    > 1:23:11
    And I typically see the flashes 6 minutes earlier. Guess I started too late!
    > So tonight maybe these six brightest flashes will begin 
    > about 1:07:00 UTC (7:07 PM local time).
    Assuming its clear I'll start before 7:00 pm.
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